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Darulaman Sanctuary

Darulaman Sanctuary located at the foot of Langkawi’s highest point (Gunung Raya) within a gazetted forest reserve. It atmosphere are very hilly and specially enhanced by a river. It’s natural setting suitable for eco-tourism. An easy walk designed by our team to observe the wildlife and most importantly to get close to the flora of Lubuk Semilang.

The place which has over 100 medicinal plants along the trail will widen your knowledge on how the natives in Langkawi thrive in this island once upon a time ago. Monkeys, hornbills and insects are among a few that you might encounter along the walk with the guide telling you some interesting stories about them.

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Welcoming animal lovers to our sanctuary.

Darulaman Sanctuary

Safari & Adventure Park

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A place where your whole family can enjoy family bonding time. We offer a variety of activities such as bird watching, wild safari park and jungle trekking.

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The Aviary

Explore nature to find a huge variety of birds around the sanctuary. 


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animal sanctuary​

A safe haven for wildlife inside the sanctuary. A place where animals roam freely.


Jungle Trekking

Guided Tour

Be adventurous and join our guide for a jungle trekking experience inside the sanctuary.

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